15 Common Anti-Vaccine Arguments and Why They are a Load of Crap

A well written piece, which dissects the commonly used arguments of anti-vaxxers, and explains why it is absolute nonsense.

The Logic of Science

In this post, I will address fifteen of the most commonly used arguments against vaccines. Throughout this post, you should notice that none of these arguments require a great deal of scientific knowledge or logical ability to defeat, and anyone with an unbiased mind and internet capable computer can find the flaws in them in minutes. I realize that this post is lengthy, but its broken up in sections so you can read only the parts that you care about.

#1 We shouldn’t trust the doctors/scientists that support vaccines because they are paid by pharmaceutical companies/the government
#2 Many doctors/scientists are coming forward against vaccines
#3 If vaccines work then why do you care if my child is vaccinated?
#4 No vaccine is 100% safe
#5 Vaccines contain many TOXIC chemicals that aren’t safe at ANY dosage!
#6 Vaccines did not eliminate diseases, they were declining before vaccines were introduced

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